First  root cause  of hair fall and Second, how to stop it immediately at home. So there are two parts to this hair fall article. 

Sometimes you would be so surprised to see how simple it is. In order to fix or reverse the hair fall, you must know what is causing the fall from scratch. So in today’s article we are  going to build five of the most common causes for hair fall and what you can do to reverse this problem permanently.

Stop washing your hair everyday.

Surprise and surprise, everyone experiences hair shredding and it happens to us every single day of our lives. Most people lose between 50 to 100 hairs per day as a natural hair cycle, and the interesting thing about this is it will lose more when we wash our hair each day. So if you could limit  your hair wash to each alternative day basis, it really turns a great hack to reduce or stop hair fall immediately at home.

Next possible causes for hair fall could be stress, hormone imbalances, age and sometimes even food that causes for hair fall. Well it Vary from person to person obviously, and it all comes down to knowing what the cause might be.

In order to get that key solving problem, I would share five of the most common causes for hair loss and what you can do to stop hair fall immediately.

Your hormones might not be in balance.

Believe it or not this is the Most common cause for hair fall. And the worst part is that Many of us might have this condition and we still don’t know it. A hormonal imbalance can lead to multiple of annoying health and beauty issues like acne or weight gain and they are extremely common.

Just Imagine, if your hormones are out of balance, the effects will radiate throughout the whole body and of course this includes your hair as well.

The significant hormones that cause hair loss are Androgens, and this happens in both male and female. These hormones are not very hair friendly, and they can shorten your hair and the hair growth cycle as well. And may weak your hair follicles causing them to fall off at a faster rate, which they can obviously grow. Now the worst part of this is that, it happens for a longer period of time  and there is no return.

I emphasize that you need to try to fix that hormone balance as soon as possible, because if you don’t, there is no solution to your hair loss.

So I suggest you change your diet. You start eating healthy food and maybe even take supplements that can block those Androgens from damaging those hair.

It is also important if you need something natural and effective that can help you in this concern. Just Look for Multivitamins or supplements. In today’s highly polluted environment multivitamins would  be really helpful for stopping hair fall immediately.

Stress and cortisol kills your hair.

 Small amounts of stress is actually healthy. No problem with that, but too much of it can literally destroy you and obviously it’s all about finding balance.

Too much stress Is known to cause hair fall and it does so because it activates two different pathways.

The first one is the excessive production of cortisol, a famous stress hormone, Known for weakening our hairs and having them fall off, the second one is the excessive liberation of androgens during stress.

These again are male hormones and female hormones known to cause hair fall.

We need to be try to relax, just take it easy. Get some rest. Do not  stress about things that does not matter, just to you know, stress may trigger a scalp condition like dandruff also disrupts eating habits and messes up your digestive system as well. All of these have a negative impact on your health, including your hair, so be careful.

What I do suggest you to do is use techniques that can help you reduce stress and cortisol levels effectively, and that’s something you can do at home. Maybe try getting a better sleep every night.

Probably Use a natural way that is melatonin helps for better sleep. Or ASHWAGANDA as well you may consider. It would help magically to reduce or stop hair fall immediately.

Your thyroid is not working.

Not many people know that one of the most common causes for hair loss is poor thyroid function and this is true. You see, your thyroid hormones dictate how much every single cell in your body should be working, and this includes your hair follicles. If you have a proper level of thyroid hormones, Your hair will stay healthy, strong and this will grow without problems. But, If you’re lacking thyroid hormone then your hair starts falling off. Start thinning without any apparent reason leading to hair fall.

If you suspect any hormone imbalance today, thyroid production problem you have to try to consume some seaweed that will help you to recover that proper balance. this will undeniably improve your hair and stop hair fall immediately.

Lack of vitamins causes hair fall

This is probably one of the easiest ways to solve any hair loss condition. Having a mineral or vitamin deficiency will cause your hair to fall off.

You might have seen commercials that include Biotin. For example, vitamin A, pantothenic acid, vitamin C , D  or E in hair ingredients. This is because the deficiency of any of these can make your hair fall off.

BIOTIN for example is a very popular one that can rebuild your hair shingles and has the ability. To improve your hair in every aspect, pantothenic acid and zinc improve the adrenal glands function, which helps also stimulate hair growth and some of the foods that contain the greatest amount of minerals that you might want to try, and vitamins all, for example, bone broth, nuts, eggs, chickens, avocados. And even potatoes. All these foods help out with Vitamin and mineral deficiencies or hair fall. Now, obviously if you prefer, there’s also multi supplement formulas that you can take just a pill every day and that’s it. We need to complete formula with specifically designed for hair fall, beauty of the skin and nails.

The lack of collagen is making your hair fall off.

Collagen is a glue, it’s so true that obviously sticks to your hair and your skin, and every part of your body. This vital substances produced by the body to act as a glue that puts every part of our system together.

Now the body is able to use this amino acid found in college to build strong hairs and share proteins that straighten this skin And obviously contain those hair roots on it with no problems of falling off.

It’s also known to prevent, for example, hair follicles from damaging or graying.

Collagen works where you can do at home is prepare yourself some bone broth, your own collagen, or you can take a supplement with natural greens or maximal effect.


These are some hacks in terms of information you must aware to get rid off hair fall and adopt right solution to stop hair fall immediately at home itself in initial stage.

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