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Revolutionary Hair transformation Surprises – Man in Tears of joy

Man who was just fed up with his hair loss shares joy of happiness, After receiving a new realistic hair transformation that made him appear “20 years younger,”

Novo Cabelo Hair, which fitted Ashley Tawney for a hairpiece, shot a 360-degree view of the man’s head before and after the hair transformation procedure and posted the video and images to social media.


In the video, Ashley first has his eyes covered so that he can’t see the hair stylist, Rob, cutting off any extra hairs before covering his scalp with a protection and adhesive.

The hair piece was then fitted to Ashley’s head by Rob, who groomed it to blend in with the man’s natural hair.

Ashley is here for a makeover with a blind reaction hair system, according to the narration in the video, which was uploaded to Novo Cabelo Hair’s TikTok account (@novocabelohair). He was sick of worrying about how his hair makes him feel.

Rob begins by shaving the undesirable hair while keeping his eyes covered. He next prepares the scalp by applying a protection and bonding adhesive before cutting the hairpiece into Ashley’s new transformation.

Now the reaction time

All we needed was Ashley’s reaction – let’s see how he reacts


Ashley glances at his new hair transformation from every angle and says, “Oh my god!” while appearing to be in tears.

The touching video, which has been viewed more than 443,000 times since it was released, left commenters feeling just as moved.

Viewers overwhelmed comments

“Tears in my eyes. People don’t realize this can really shatter some men’s confidence. It doesn’t define you, but it’s difficult to accept,”, 

“Omg he looks 20 years younger!”

“I’m a woman who unfortunately is going through my two-stage of hair loss in four years, it’s so upsetting, Ashley you look amazing.”



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